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Carefully Disguised As A Responsible Adult Womens T-Shirt


Perfect for all those adults that are really great big kids at heart!


Like many people, you are an adult by age, but kid by nature. This t-shirt will let people know you are disguised as a responsible adult, and not actually one......nothing better than a bit of a friendly warning.


★The design is printed on the front only
★One T-Shirt is supplied
★T-Shirt is pure white in colour

★Sizes available:
✓S 10UK
✓M 12UK
✓L 14UK
✓XL 16UK
✓2XL 18UK

At The Gifted Panda, all our t-shirts are processed through a system known as sublimation, whereby the image changes from solid to gas and back to solid state again. The image is then protected within the fabric, and will not fade. Lasting much longer than old fashioned screen printing.

Our t-shirts are 100% polyester with neck tapes for durability.

Our t-shirts are shipped in a plastic mailer bag to make sure that they survive the journey through the mail system